email marketing diagram


Think about the hundreds of people who visit your website every day week or month. Now imagine that you had a simple way of keeping in contact with each and every one of these people. That’s what an email list can do for you and your business.

You could be thinking to yourself now “how would keep in touch with these people help me or my business?” This is an easy question to answer once you understand that these people who visit your site that are like leaves in the wind. They go wherever they are taken, some might return to your website while many others will not. The power of an email list is that it has the potential to bring many more of these visitors that wouldn’t usually return back to your website.

How is this ability to bring people back to your website useful to you? Imagine you have just released a new product or service, and you can have 5,000 10,000 or more people come at least consider buying it the day that you launch it. On top of this extra traffic it’s also targeted these are people who are willing to sign up and say that they want something that your offering, something that is similar to the product or service you would be promoting through your email list.

Maybe you aren’t using your list to sell though. How would it be useful then? Well imaging you have just written an awesome blog post that you spent hours putting together and think that it could really help a lot of people. Your email list could help promote it to more people, people that might not have seen it except for your emails.


If you are still reading by this point you probably understand why you should have an email list. So how do you build one?

  1. Sign up with an email list provider someone like aweber or mailchimp. Get your account set up and you are on your way.
  2. You need a way to capture emails into this list, every email list host provides some sort of form that you can use in your website and even customize if you know a little css and html. This step will be different for each provider but there are heaps of tutorials out that can help you.
  3. Build it and they will come. This is true but instead of waiting for them to come why not lure them in. Just like fishing you should give your potential subscribers something they want maybe an eBook or something else you have created that would be beneficial for them. I can’t stress enough with this point that you should offer great value with freebie. If you give them something of low value, something cheap and nasty they will usually either un-subscribe straight away or get your emails but never read them. However if you give them something of great worth your subscribers will come back again and again to your emails knowing that each one they receive will contain this great value that you offer.
  4. This is possibly one of the most important steps. Keeping your list engaged. If you only email people on your list once a year they are going to get your emails and think who is this guy or girl emailing me and how did they get my address? To stop this you should offer regular but valuable content to your subscribers. Reminding them every so often that you are still there and that you are still providing them with great stuff.
  5. Let them know about upcoming events sales and general updates. This is why you built the list in the first place so use it for the propose that you built it.

Over time your list will grow as more and more people join it you will see continual growth. So what are you waiting for the best time to start is now.