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Why your website needs to be on point

Everyone knows that websites are important. With transactions, interactions, and engagement happening on the internet, you’d be crazy to try and say a website isn’t important.

But do you know why?

This is where we divert a little from the generic and delve a bait deeper into why your website is so crucial to you and your business.

Your website should be number one, your base camp, your companies home online. This isn’t to say that other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat can’t be great for promoting your business. They can be. Other platforms have one downside. You can’t control them. That’s right you think you have control over your content that you put up on these websites but you don’t. They control it all.

With the blink of an eye any of these sites could call it quits, they could close down (ok this is probably unlikely). They could blacklist you or your company. Think about it, you go to sleep one night with 80% of your clients coming from Facebook, and the rest word of mouth. You don’t have a website because your Facebook page has been working fine for you. You wake up in the morning with an email letting you know Facebook has canceled your account. BOOM 80% of your revenue gone, Facebook was the one place these people contacted and connected with you and it’s gone now.

Another example, one that has actually happened to me. Your working through a third party marketplace. In my case fiverr, you’re doing a decent amount of sales, nothing spectacular but you are doing ok. Then the next thing you know the algorithm has changed you don’t rank anymore. You’ve lost 100% of your sales in a matter of days and their is nothing you can do about it, except start from scratch again.

How you should use your website

With the reasons you shouldn’t be relying on social media and website out of your control outline above, we can jump into how you should use your website to mitigate this.

Your online endeavor’s should be like a funnel with all your social media, forum posts, and anything else you do pointing back to your website. This is an essential part to any marketing strategy.

Social media allows you to reach out and interact with people that would otherwise be impossible for you to reach through any other for of marketing. This is great, but for most service or product based businesses, there isn’t a way to directly sell on these platforms. I’ve never sent a web design proposal over Facebook, but I have found many clients through social channels. Social media accounts aren’t the right place to be conducting business transactions.

This is where your website comes into its own. With a conversion optimized website you can ensure that every one of your followers from social media that click through to your website become leads and clients of yours.

Optimizing your website means more than making it look good, there are a whole host of things that need to line up properly to get your visitors to contact you or buy your stuff. Your design has to be good, your copywriting has to be excellent, and above all your product or service must speak directly to your clients.

Have you ever visited a website where everything on the page spoke to you? Like the designer had been sitting over you shoulder, or reading your mind when you were wishing to find whatever you just stumbled across? This is what an optimized website does for you.

It makes people buy things that they didn’t even know they wanted! This isn’t a bad thing though because what they have bought is so amazing that they will appreciate it for a long time.

Stay tuned to find out more ways to bring new customers to your website and optimize it so that they convert.