Jason M Design Big Logo

Every web designer immediately knows what I am talking about when they read the title of this article, because inevitably at some point in their career they have been asked this same question, “Can you make the logo bigger?”.

Today I am not going to be addressing this one thing but rather the reason web designers reply simple no. This question or request to make the logo bigger is much deeper than it originally seems on the surface, and it is mainly the web designers fault that it is asked. When a client asks “can you make the logo bigger?” they are really asking for the designer to make their brand stand out more, but the only way they know how to do this is to make their logo bigger because to them this is their brand.

Now let me ask a question. Suppose myself or any other web designer out their communicated better with our clients. Suppose that before even drawing a wire-frame or touching a Photoshop file we really got to know them and their business. Their dreams for their business, why they started it what they want to do with their website, and most importantly who they are as a person. Would they still ask for a bigger logo?

In my opinion they wouldn’t. This isn’t to say that everyone who has been asked this question is bad a communicating or doesn’t know what the client wants, but I think that the above mentioned communication happens much to little and as a result the design process takes much more effort and time for both parties.

So for people needing websites built, sit down with your web designer and share with them exactly what it is you want and why you want it. What things you won’t compromise on and things that you are more flexible about. But at the same time remember that he or she has done this for years, they have built what could well be hundreds of websites with varying goals, and seen what has worked and what hasn’t. This is the reason that your hired them, for their experience, so if they say you can’t have a bigger logo, listen.

Web designers if your clients ask for a bigger logo please dig deeper and find out the real reason for the request because things are rarely as they first appear.

I hope that this short post has helped understand more both sides of this ageless story.