Bringing a modern feel to the website of the best CrossFit Gym in Washington

Project Details

Project Story

202strong is a boutique gym with two locations in the Washington, DC area. They provide group fitness classes, martial arts, and personal training. As such, they needed their new website to reflect this boutique professional feel, looking modern and classy.

I first began working with Rob on this initial design. The brief for this design was that it had to be modern using the Google Material Design aesthetic. A high emphasis was placed on conversions, so their website could become an asset to their business in terms of conversions and customer acquisition. …

Rob was also great in providing an extensive list of features and sections that would need to be incorporated into the page designs. This allowed me to focus on the design, while Rob and his team worked on the content of their site.

A large amount of input was provided by Rob, allowing for a large number of revisions to be made to the project, and helping them to get exactly what they wanted out of the design.

After finishing the design part of this project, I was also asked by 202strong to continue on as the developer for their custom WordPress theme. As a designer, seeing the project through from start to finish was a great honor. Making sure that a project is implemented exactly as the client and I envision it is of utmost importance to me.

The WordPress theme development took approximately 2 -3 months to complete and the end result was great. The new theme was optimized for speed, SEO benefits, and a responsive design so that it looked great on all devices. They also have landing pages and a website designed to make the most of the large amounts of traffic they receive.

In general the project was a great success and I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with Rob.